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They buried you beneath Orion,
In a blanket of lime,
Long before I drew a breath
I missed you in time.

When two spirits love
There is no reason there is no rime,
But when our bodies tried to meet
I missed you in time.

What does a vision show?
How was the world to know
What went on and what went wrong,
Maybe today, maybe years ago?

The journeys of our lives are staged
In nightly pantomime;
They play our parts and touch our hearts
In a theater sublime.

Throughout the galaxy
And down through the centuries,
Love will survive
And souls will thrive
When they unite for eternity...

So wait beneath Orion
And the path that he will climb,
The world to be will set me free
And I'll see you in time.  



The stores are closed up tight,
There's not a soul in sight,
And I feel like the world has gone away,
But there's always hope...on New Year's Day.

I've got no place to be,
I've got no one to see,
If I did I'd still have nothing to say,
But there's always hope...on New Year's Day.

My kids don't know my face,
My home is any place
I can cradle my guitar and maybe play,
But there's always hope...on New Year's Day.

I've see the year roll by
Across a lonely sky,
And I feel my life slipping away,
But there's always hope...
Yeah there's always hope...
There's always hope...on New Year's Day.  



I knew a little village
When I was just a lad,
Men went out on fishing boats
Just like their fathers had.
Sometimes they would set out
On the water late at night,
And fish and smoke and drink and joke
Until the early light.

The streets were so narrow
You could barely fit two cars,
The skies could get so black at night,
There were a million stars.
Dogs would roam around
And visit neighbors that they knew,
Or sit and watch the cars go by on the Avenue.

Boys would race their autos
Toward the water late at night,
On Gerritsen Avenue,
The moon and headbeams bright;
Meet up with their girls
And they'd all grab a bottle each,
And disappear behind the dunes on Gerritsen Beach.

Some older boys went drinking
In a neighborhood bar,
When they got inspired
They would go and steal a car,
Take it for a joyride
Till they blew out a tire,
Abandon it down by the beach and
Set it on fire.

Sometime I still wonder, If I'd stayed,
The kind of man that I would be today.
Folks say you never can go home again,
But was it really home for me back then?
Oh, I don't know.

Well I hope the clapboard houses
Never did give way
To a bunch of condos full of yuppies
Living by the Bay --
Working in the City,
And each day their whole life through,
Waiting for a bus that goes up Gerritsen Avenue.  



The track is old and bumpy,
The goin' can be rough,
I get a little jumpy
Out along the bluff.

O'er hill and dale
We will prevail;
Through woods and streams
We'll build up steam.

The windows shake and rattle,
The lights grow dim and buzz (zzzzz),
This ain't the train it used to be,
Well, maybe it never was.

But I need you here,
To help me steer,
To calm my fear,
To bring me cheer.

Whoa whoa!
Whoa whoa!
Whoa whoa!
Whoa whoa!

This train ain't built for comfort,
This train ain't built for speed,
But I swear upon these pistons:
It'll be there when you need.

To carry you,
To see you through
Climb up inside
And share the ride.  



You were seventeen, we were young and lean
And we did it all the time.
If I couldn't say "I love you" back in the day,
Well, forgive that boy -- he meant no crime.

Aimee, tais-toi,
Ne fais pas la femme bafouée avec moi,
Aimee, je n'y peux croire --
T'as mis ma jeune vie dans ton histoire.

You wrote I was unkempt
And charged me with contempt for you,
That was unkind.
Now half a century
Has passed 'tween you and me,
Then one day -- what do I find?

Aimee, tais-toi,
Ne fais pas la femme bafouée avec moi,
Aimee, je n'y peux croire --
T'as mis ma jeune vie dans ton histoire.

Aimee, c'est bizarre:
Vous faites la grande ecrivaine maintenant;
Aimee, moi j'en ai marre --
Fiche-moi la paix dorénavant.  



Were you a young man with your sabre and your steed
Sworn to fight corporate greed,
And dedicate your life to those who were in need?
Where did your journey lead?

We're the generation that gave it all away
For a 401 K,
The generation that couldn't find it's way
Without an IRA.
Were you a young girl with fire in her eyes
And rebellion in your thighs?
Did being Mommy take you by surprise?
It's strange how fast time flies.

We're the generation that lost its point of view
As soon as a child was due,
In our frustration, with the years we grew
To do what the rest all do.

Are you the billionaire who lived just down the hall
With posters on your wall,
And golden hair almost as long as you were tall?
Was it cut, or did it fall?

Were you a Robin Hood who stood with upheld sword,
To fight the corporate hoard?
You put your pen down now and stand before the Board
Praying for your reward.

We're the generation who lost its point of view
As soon as a deal came through.
When time and travel, and stock options accrue,
Well give up and join in too.

We're the generation that fought authority
To embrace conformity;
Our revolutionary creativity
Produced mediocrity.

We're the generation that would put an end to war!

"Well, we'll work to change the system from the INSIDE..."  



She's long and she's lean
And she strokes her machine like a pet.
She flies through the air with the wind in her hair
In her Vet.

Her Daddy in Boca makes breaad Like it's goin' out of style;
He gives her a car so she'll leave him alone
For a while.

Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!

She's meeting her girlfriend
And gives her a pat on the rear.
They'll loan out their boyfriends, but never their cars
'Cause, some things are too dear!

Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!

She's cruising the strip, she's so hip,
And it's perfectly clear:
She's too hot to handle
And only the psychos come near.

Back at the McMansion
She kisses her Daddy goodnight.
The apple of his eye is better if left
Out of mind and out of sight!

Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!
Boca Girls!  



Take your children whilst alive,
Teach them how they can survive.
Take your beasts, two by two,
Board them on the Ark with you.
Gird your loans, prepare for war,
Lock the windows, bar the door.
Blood will flow like crimson wine,
The oceans to incarnadine.

Oh my God, you'll rue the day!
Say a prayer, for those who pray.
Let the chips fall where they may, >br> We're fast approaching Y2K.

The data prove conclusively...
And all the scientists agree.
Deniers should be put to death --
Confessing with their final breath.
Clocks will stop, and engines fail,
The wicked will emerge from jail,
Lunatics will fill the street
And rouse the sane from their retreats.

Oh my God, you'll rue the day!
Say a prayer, for those who pray.
Let the chips fall where they may, >br> We're fast approaching Y2K.

Missiles soon will fill the skies,
Title waves will then arise,
To sweep out those who disagree
With the pundits on TV.
When the waters do retreat,
And you find land beneath your feet,
The next disaster has been arranged:
Global warming / climate change.  



'Round when I was very small the man in the tree
Took me on his spaceship to another galaxy;
I cried that I'd miss my home, I'd miss my family --
"You'll never lose a second," he said telepathically.

I grew up on his planet and I lived a life of ease,
Along with comely females, reproducing when I pleased...
Until one day by chance my benefactors heard me sneeze -
They thought: "Sorry but we cannot risk the spread of earth disease."

I never told anyone
About the things that I have done,
But in my heart - in my soul,
I know I've been through a black hole.

My son is only four years old, he asked me recently:
"Daddy, could you tell me about relativity?"
I laughed and said" "Where did you hear that? Was it on TV?"
He said: "Ain't you ever spoken with the man up in the tree?"  



I travel through these waters every day,
Catching kelp and minnows along the way.
I rest when all is black,
And hide from an attack,
And till the light returns it's there I stay.

Some say there's a place above the water
Where giant monsters contemplate our slaughter;
The legend is they catch us,
From the water snatch us,
And feed us to their wives and sons and daughters.

What an offal thing to believe -
A fish tale worse than Pisces could conceive -
But if I thought my journey were to end on something's dish,
I couldn't keep on living as a fish.

I swim through pallid sunbeams as I may,
By Neptune's grace there's peace here in the bay -
But if I thought some ogre could consume me at his wish,
I couldn't go on living as a fish.

"Stay away from hooks," the old fish say;
They are wise and they're nobody's prey.
Worms are so appealing, but could they be concealing
The path to wear death and carnage lay?
When my time is up, I only pray
That this sole will be dispatched without delay --
But if I thought my purpose was to be a floating knish,
I couldn't keep on living as a fish.  



Got in the van with my guitar,
I'm goin' places near and far,
Makin' friends along the way,
Black and white, straight and gay,
Across the U.S.A.

Got no truck for ridin' planes -
Can't even make out the terrain -
I'm up in the air,
America's down there,
I feel so constrained!

Talkin' to the beautiful and plain,
Getting theories from the lucid and insane,
Passing verdant hills
That give me such a thrill,
From Oregon to Maine.

On city streets and country farms,
In Southern towns replete with charm,
And sleeping on the beach
Somewhere out of reach
Won't do me no harm.

If I had a wagon train,
I'd drive it across the golden plain,
So I could learn first-hand
The blessings of this land
Like no one could explain.  



A little bit of freedom,
And I prob'ly won't change what I do.
Life is all around me -
I don't need to go anywhere new.

I turned grey fighting fights that never mattered anyway.
So I'll stay, 'cause I know that I can take it one more day.

A little bit of loving
And I feel you're affirming my soul;
I'll walk a while beside you -
But I know time has taken its toll.

It's too late - making some important point was not my fate.
But it's OK, 'cause I know that I can make it one more day.

A little bit of magic,
And on top of a mountain I stand.
I look at all the beauty -
All the life that inhabits this land.

I got bad news - but I tell myself "How can I really lose?"
I still can play, and I've determined that I'll live another day.  





All songs Copyright 2017.